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» Keepin' your eye on the ball from Read My Lips
Thanks to Mookie, I found somewhere to hit 100 mph fastballs into the bleachers. My long was 542 feet. I don't want to discuss my battin' average. [UPDATE: My hand-to-eye coordination was slightly worse at this game found at Light... [Read More]



I'm not worthy.

Burnt Fuse

That's pretty sadistic. Heh.



Oh wait -- I won! I actually got one on the first try!

The Small Child is already asleep, or I would allow him to embarass us all. I'll stop by tomorrow and tell you his initial score . . .


The first time was zero! After about 6 more tries, I finally squished 2! woohoo!!!


Zero! That's my score... I am bad on a Friday. Hope yours has been a good one.

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