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» Wait Until Next Year from Mike
I missed last night's Stanley Cup game since I was watching the new Harry Potter movie. I slipped a tape into the VCR before I left home so that I could watch it after I got back. Unfortunately, I heard [Read More]



Yes! Go Lightning! But both teams played very well.


I hope there is nothing important on your side-bars because I can't read a thing over there. The main part is okay though - but I thought I had reached someplace else by mistake at first!


Knock my eyeballs out why don'tcha?

I love this. Black and red are my favorite colors together.
Used to be my colors when I showed horses. In fact, I still have the black chaps with my initials on 'em in red...

I'll letcha borrow 'em if ya want.

And, damned sorry about the Flames, but they do still kick ass.

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