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Perhaps "Calgary Harold" was the name of the editor?


Well, shit, Dude...
There's nothing like the idea of one of your best friends becoming bear food to put the (natural, peaceful) death of
a horse into perspective.

You be very careful, damn it.
I can't even stand to think of you not being...
Especially not right now...

Love you.


I was too sensitive in the previous comment. Most bear attacks on females occur when the female is into her monthly mess week. The bear smells the blood, and gets excited. Bears have better noses than even dogs, so they can smell things much farther away.

If today's women want to feel liberated, they should feel liberated from men, not bears. To a bear, a human is a potential meal, and if has that delightful blood-sauce smell on it, it is even more qualified to be a meal.

Add to that the fact that the woman was probably running at the time. If you run towards a bear, and you could be doing that without your knowledge, then you are not only a meal, you are a threat, and now the bear has two reasons to eat you. Add in the possibility of cubs present, and you are now in the win-a-lottery level of probability that you won't be eaten.

After the Saltspring Island, BC case of several years back, in which an islander killed a bear that barged into his backyard where his kids usually play, and the Crown's Prosecutor charged him with a felony, you now have not only the bears against you but your government as well.

During my recent sojourn in SE Alaska and maritime BC, I discussed bear danger with locals three times. They all love to talk about the subject, but the unanimous opinion was that a bear can't eat you if you don't go into his country.


If I were young enough to still be pounding trails for enjoyment and exercise, I'd carry at least a .357 magnum.

Can't do that in Canada nowadays, and the usual result for "bear spray" is that you just get eaten faster. I was told this several times in my recent trip to Alaska.

Rule #1 for woods runners: know what's in the woods that will make you into dinner, and stay away from that section of the woods. Especially for women, who get eaten by bears much more frequently than men.


I agree -- what a tragedy. And now I will be concerned for you, too, since the attack occurred so close to your residence.

I am glad you cleared up the identity of Calgary Harold, though -- I was wondering how a columnist so renowned he could use a nickname as a byline could be permitted to write so badly.

Er . . . any reason why the story leads with a statement from the "municipal and environmental officials," rather than the actual story or a grizzly attack? It makes it sound as if the story is about somebody somewhere not getting sued . . .

Marn, eh

Paul, I was shocked and saddened by the story, too. Such a tragedy.

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