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Light & Dark

Rivrdog... Unfortunately, politics here has pretty much devolved in the smae direction. Those with a brain who choose to analyse facts instead of just parroting dogma are fully aware that this disaster was generations in the making. I haven't heard/read many Canadians doing the "blame Bush" thing, but I'm sure they're out there.


Uhhhh yep.. mistakes were made, but they were made when a city was built on water and sand at the "mouth" of the Mississippi River. Dang, that is a BIG River. If something with force pushes at it, me-tinks something might happen to that city. It was just a matter of time. The USA has been told that N.O. would be flushed away if a major hurricane came up on it{FEMA being gobbled up by Homeland "insecurity"!}. Unfortunately the mayor is just one link in a very broken chain. Should be interesting to see what happens now that REAL Rita is knocking on Pres Bush's door.


Good take on it, sir. Especially good for such a short post on someone with so many shortcomings.

Books will be written about the guy's mistakes.

How does Canada see the current blame game in the US of A? Does anyone up there see the incongruity of blaming a problem that has existed for the last 70 years on a President who has been in office just over 4 years?

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