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I can't believe you didn't pull up alongside him and smoke him. I would have. Hell, I've loved riding since Merckx was an amateur.

Light & Dark

Jenny... Us roadies gotta stick together. We're a little thin on the road out here (this is mountain biker central) but we're picking up. We even hosted the provincial hill climb in Banff about a month ago - up the access road to one of the ski hills. Yikes!

Snow... the temptation just keeps getting greater and greater! Would I have to bring my own knitting needles? (there's a funny story there - must remember to post it sometime.)

Margaret... Yup, Eddie was one of the 5-time winners. He's still considerd the best rider in history though, as he won many more races of many more different types. He used to dominate the whole season, from the spring classics to the World Championships. It wasn't unusual for him to ride almost the whole Tour in the yellow jersey.

I understand he & Lance have become friends. Eddie joined him in Portland for the second fundraiser. If both Merckx and Armstrong had been here together and I'd missed them, you'd have been able to hear the swearing from here all the way to your house.



Who wouldn't love that area-it's gorgeous. Eddie was there too? Isn't that the Belgian whose record Lance broke?


Lance and his fiance just bought an enormous house not far from where I work. No kidding. You need to visit.

dragonfly jenny

Awww! Keeping my fingers crossed that he will be back and that you'll get to see him next time.

I like that one of my favorite bloggers is a fellow road-cycling fan.

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