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Mother Nature is not confused, only her children

Light & Dark

Rivrdog... I laughed as I was writing that, and you grabbed right on to my political incorrectness. Somehow it loses a little in the translation. Not sure where you're getting your forecasting, but i actually wouldn't mind a heavy snowfall winter at all. And given the care you sailors take with your weather, i'm counting on you to be right.

Margaret... and feel guilty you should! Actually, we've had some gorgeous, clear days the last week, along with more snow. it's the warmth part that's still missing.

Dana... I love your description of the "curled up watching the snow" thing, but NOT IN FREAKIN' SEPTEMBER! OK??


Mmm....I miss the snow. How I would love to curl up in a big blanket, staring out at the snow through a window, while drinking hot cocoa. I'm really starting to get homesick...


SNOW?? We have blue skies and 68 degrees--but cool in the evenings. It is so delightful here that I actually feel guilty!!


Snow north, hurricane south, makes sense to me.

We got your Indian Summer (shouldn't that be First Nations Summer up north of 49 degrees?) right here in the PacNorWest. Been getting to mid-70's with bright sunny days for a week now, nother week of it forecast.

Of course, I have a raging fall cold, and can't go outside and do anything....

Be of good cheer, from what I hear, the entire West is in for a horrible winter. It will probably be legendary up in the North Rockies.

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