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When did you go to Leadership Camp? I was there in 1978! I just started teaching elementary school music and have had to try to get my "chops" back after not playing T-Bone in 20+ years. Yikes! But it is cool how quickly it comes back ( the mechanics if not the embouchure!)


Soooo. MP3s of practice shall be uploaded, right? :)

Play on, brotha!

mensa B

>other drivers can only see and not hear.

"Yikes!! It's the driving trombone player!!"
(O _O)


I have no musical talent. I envy those of you who do....

It sounds like too much fun!!

Rachel Ann

The band sounds like a great one to be in. One of my friends has joined a choir for those who can't sing, same sort of idea; this is for fun, don't drive yourself nuts.

And who knows? She might go to Carnegie, and you might end up making Calgary run!


great post. Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

Vicki Smith

We cellists never had mouth problems LOL.

As for your note in my weblog, I don't actually have 30 pairs of shoes, but it is not an unreasonable number to have. Call it a dream.

My current count is 15, and some of those really don't fit any longer.



...and how do you sound with the other 75 trombone players?

I want to hear this band play Sousa, but I warn you, I am VERY particular about how Sousa is played.

It is played to be marched to, or, in a few pieces, to be waltzed to. That is all.

Marn, eh

I really envy those of you who have the gift of music.

You're right, it's so very easy for work to become all consuming. Scheduling in a hobby isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

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