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Allen D. Gee

So sad to die such a violent death when all John Lennon ever wanted was for mankind to live in peace.

Allen D. Gee

So sad to die such a violent death when all John Lennon ever wanted was for mankind to live in peace.


where ARE you? okay???? Could you please drop me a line and just let me know you're alive???


...missing you...

Everything alright??


Happy belated New Year. Hoping your holidays were full of love and peace. Wondering how you are up there in the Canadian countryside?

sending best wishes for a bright, hopeful and healthy new year to you and your loved ones.



Does this mean we're old?

Actually, I can answer my own question. I still have Double Fantasy on vinyl.

-- Anne


Yes, all of us loved John and his complex, but beautiful music, and all of us likewise were horrified at the tragedy of his violent death. God rest John Lennon's eternal soul.

It seems to me that the Tragedy of December 8, 2005 will not be the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death, but the announcement by your PM of his intent, if re-elected, to ban possession of handguns in Canada.

We're told we're so alike, Canadians and Americans, yet, in so many ways, we're worlds apart.

As I read the blogs, I note that most commenters thought this would be the eventual outcome of the Federal Registry, now of handguns, soon of other firearms.

Here, in the USA, we fear the criminals, not their guns, but yesterday, in Toronto, Paul Martin said that Torontonians fear the guns, not the criminals, so the guns should be removed, while nothing additional will be done to remove the criminals from society.

What have I missed, Paul? I can't fathom the disconnect here.

I want to hear from an educated Canadian why this disconnect exists.

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