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Lisa W.

None this morning Libby, just thought I'd check in for the month of September to see if he was back...


Maybe we could just hijack this post and turn it into an open comment thread. Anybody know any good jokes to get things started?

Lisa W.

Dang, got all excited because it showed two updates today in Bloglines and I hopped right over to find this darn "Flying The Friendly Skies" post still. ARGH.
Stick a naked picture up or something wouldya?


Wow, if I thought I'd have this much fun at my high school reunion, I would have gone.




lol @ what Libby said...


Man this is the longest reunion in the history of mankind. Did you guys figure you'll just hang around wait for next year's too?


Just lurking.

Evilicious Blonde

Blog something!!!!!!!!!



Glad you are back...{I have seen comments elsewhere}. Hope you had fun. Surprised you have not posted. Perhaps you are waiting for just the right things to place down. ~Hugs Sent~

dragonfly jenny

Hope you had a blast! I'm sure you're back by now ...?

Lisa W.

Dang - are you ever coming back??? ;)
Hope you had a good time and all, but a post would be nice!!


Okay, yeah... I did miss this by about a frickin' MONTH, didn't I?

AND, I just discovered that my "fill in the blanks by double clicking on them" thing doesn't work now, either.
I'm not even Acidman anymore.


Oooohhhh.. so this is what's wrong with Munu... you're not home.
I knew it hadda be something big, I keep getting the 404 error message when I try to get to Xfire, Mad Mikey's or Munu itself.

It knows you're gone and has decided to take a major shit... got it.


Well, have fun, Hon and... how soon can we move Xfire to your place?
This shit is getting ooooold now.

Lisa W.

Have a great trip and take lots of photos!!!

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