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Tried the F8 instructions twice but didn't work for me so I fiddled with other things and realized that when I hit the start button on the bottom left of my screen where I normally go to shut down, I end up with 4 options - one of them being restart in MS Dos so I tried that and low and behold I got that list and safe mode is #3 which I entered at the cursor and it worked. Unfortunately even here it won't go past 56% defraged so I'm lost as to what to do now and I cleaned up all the other programs before I did the defrag. Can u help ?


thanks for the advice.
I have been having problems defraging windows98.
Where can I get the Windows ME defrag file ?
And how do I use it to defrag a windows 98 ? Thanks a lot for your help


For those of us who don't like to mess with the boot, I have a system that works 100%.

Boot the computer normally. After it finishes booting, get off the Internet by right-clicking any little computer monitor icons you see in the tasktray (lower right icons next to the clock time) and selecting Disable.

Then, start right-clicking ALL the tasktray icons, one at a time, and select Exit or Close.

When you have finished, you are ready to defrag. Disregard the Analyze, just go straight to defrag. If you do this once a month, it won't take over a half-hour, but if you've not done it in a year or so, it might take several hours.

When the defrag is done, restart Windows using that function in the Start Button. Then, select Connections and restart your Internet connections, or dial your ISP if you still use a modem.

That's all there is.

Paul's advice is good for one other thing though. If you have had to use his Safe Mode drill, it means that your Running Processes list is too long, and you need to monitor it and close some processes down.

It also means that whenever you install a program, unless you need it running ALL the time, be very careful when setting it up and refuse the option that lets it run all the time.


Thanks, Paul! I have ME. I wish I still had 95--it seems like every "upgrade" causes me more problems!

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