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@Rob, that's exactly my issue with them too - plus the fact they're an extra step. I dislike anything that puts more steps then necessary in front of a potential commenter.

To me, captchas are a lazy of protecting a comment form. There are other methods that don't require inconvenience and intervention from the reader.

Thanks for stopping in - good to see you again!



Captchas are annoying mainly because they are too distorted for anyone with less than perfect eyesight.


That Captcha thing bugs me when it pops up under the circumstances you mention - especially when it is my own damn website and I am logged into Typepad at at the time. I have a really hard time seeing the damn things, and don't have speakers on the computer, so the help for the handicapped doesn't help.


Thank you for clearing this up for me. I noticed the same thing on my own site a while ago. I double-checked my own settings and sure 'nuf, it was unchecked. I figured it was a blip. This explains it.

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