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I work in marketing, plus I'm an IT consultant, professional photographer, freelance writer, and graphic & web designer, living in Canada's Rocky Mountains.


A hundred years ago, I'd have been referred to as a Renaissance man. I know at least a little bit about lots of things, and a lot about a few. I'm pretty much self taught in all my pursuits.

When it comes to technology, my biggest fascination is with learning and teaching others how to use it more effectively. I'm not much into technology for its own sake. I've done lots of technology consulting for small and home-based business and charitable organisations, and my guiding principle has always been "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".


Bicycle and cross country ski touring.
Black & white photography.
Voracious reader: Victorian Lit., detective stories, historical fiction (and non) cereal boxes... whatever I can get my mitts on.
Music: 60's & 70's, big bands/early jazz. Trombonist: concert band, jazz, classical - working on creating a trombone quartet.