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Da Goddess

Cool pic. Uh....I mean, great pic. Wouldn't want to be punny or anything.


Hiya Grumpy:

The objects you're referring to are actually the very tips of a pretty good-sized evergreen just barely visible above the snow. The tree is about 4 1/2 feet high, so that gives you an idea how much snow the area gets. And this was only the third week of January, so there was still several feet of snow to come.

When staying at the Hut, you usually have to dig the cabin windows out for daylight, as the snow often comes up to the roofline.

Did I mention I love snow?



Beautiful photo. Do you know what the 'black' objects are in the upper-right?


Oooooooo! Loverly.

I was thinking about doing the Canadian Rockies via Via Rail sometime before the years end (poss. Christmas if the tracks are open). I was at the website on Friday, freaking out over the prices from Montreal to Vancouver (actually wanted Halifax to Vancouver, I soon thought twice) for ECONOMY!!! Anyway, perhaps if I scrape together two nickels I can see this for myself.

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