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:-) very good info. Took me 4 weeks to get "trackback". I use it. "It" is a great Blog tool. You made a point that newbies like myself appreciate. Good work.

Light & Dark


Stevie's a geek, Stevie's a geek!

Sexy geek farmgirls, oh my.


Hey! I did it! Actually, they both worked. I just didn't notice the first one. And, I don't remember how I did it, but I do the second one! Cool...


Hell, don't aplogize...that 'fish' sentence makes waay more sense than the MT User

Still workin' on it, Paul...


The TrackBack stands alone.
The fish is effervescent when it's lombago is set along side the speed bump.
Sorry, weird mood.
In a nutshell, Trackback is a way to say, "Hey, your post inspired me to write something, too. See?"


all trackbacks are pings, but not all pings are trackbacks.


Hey...I made it via trackback. Those two ping-lists you mentioned, weblogs and, do get pinged when I post now.
How do I know if that includes you or say, Acidman? Or do I list y'all individually?
I'm getting ready to try to check it out in MT, now.
I'll be around some place...thanks for everything...(so far)...;-)

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