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I got 119. One of my big downfalls is not going wireless or having a cell phone that does IM or acts as a PDA. Sorry, I don't want to be connected that much!


And here i ring in with the LOW low score of 46... I seem to be one of those folks that can use tech stuff, but don't have one clue about all the tiny little elves in the machine taking care of all that text=messaging/video-conferencing/electrical mail blah blah blah stuff.

I Blog, though not profusely, I use Video-phone technology all the time in my practice as a professional ASL interpreter, almost all of my deaf/hard-of-hearing/interpreter friends have T-mobile Sidekicks, or pda's of various sort and function. but alas all i muster is a measly 46...


I did that test a few days ago, so I don't remember my precise score. I do remember that it put me in the top category "digital smartypants" or something along those lines. I found it funny because I'm actually really a non-techie. I always have to ask my computer-wizard friends for help (though compared with the other people in my office, I'm a computer genius.


I got 154.


71 - and I would have told you last night - but the friggin pentium 2 - 4 gig hd - dial-up piece of crap locked up on me!


114, but I'm affected by a lack of high speed access in Darkest Suburbia, thanks to Qwest.




Uhhh, yeah. I did it. Seein' how my score was less than my age, I ain't sayin',

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