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dragonfly jenny

I highly recommend freelancing, which has kept me in the massive gray area between employed and unemployed for years now.

Brian Hess

If you're in the top 3 out of 100+, you're cream of the crop.

Way to go.

Ah, and I have my weblog topic for tomorrow now, too. :-)


Sorry to be the spoil-sport, but you know me, I speak nothing but the truth! In my own experience, those kinds of interviews are iffy, at best. My advice to you is to keep sending your resume/CV out.

Believe me, I'm taking nothing from the good karma I am sending your way, but keep all options open until you have the offer letter in your hands.

Three of the last interviews I had were exactly like yours; they described the job in every detail, asked me very few questions about myself, and said things like: "You're on a short list" "We're only interviewing a few people" "We'll let you know"... And like you, I have a very impressive resume but I'm still working as a temp.

I don't know what the employment situation is up in Canada, but in the States, it's gone to hell in a handbasket.

I hope you get the job, I really do!! - I'm just saying, be prepared and KEEP INTERVIEWING ELSEWHERE!!!


Essay Canajun

Similar experiences, yes: the job "interview" that is more of an explanation of the job. It means a serious job offer is just around the corner, so I can stop crossing fingers and toes fairly soon.
You GO!

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