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Brian Hess

Aye, I too set up a TypePad site for someone (and got paid for it), did all the domain registration, template customization, CSS, etc, and there's no doubt that he's a lot happier having been able to just pass the setup off to someone else.

Best part is, this is the fun stuff to be working on, right? :-)


(Psst...Sweetie, I think that 'Beth' thing over at Rob's is from New York somewhere, not Canada. Relax, Hon...and
TAG!! Yer it, again!)


Dittos, Stevie.

Anyone wanting to get a blog going, OR wishing to improve the one they already have would simply have to be NUTS to pass up Paul's expertise.

And thanks, Paul. Not only for all of your help in getting started, but in your kind welcome to the Blogosphere. Both are highly appreciated, sir!

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Hey, Sweetie...If you can and want to, feel free to c&p, or whatever, that sidebar ya did for me here to show as an example.
(I said to show it here, because I just want to show what you can do, not whore for traffic, btw...)

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