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My spilling and gramma is just fine. I don't kneed a spill chucker.


Paul, it's just damned good to have ya back in town, bro.

I'll check into the software, but hell, I usually just post 'em, mistakes and all. LOL

That said, I still gotta get the instructions on how to post photos in a main-page post. And if you're still interested in getting some bloggers up and running, I've got a helluva candidate for you, sir.

Again, welcome back.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


I gues Im out off luck sinse I dont use IE. Oh wel, it deosnt mater anywau because I dont ned a spelchekr.


I can just picture me givin' that program a nervous breakdown with the 'Southern-fried' way I spell shit.
Besides, what would I do with my two regular dictionaries that sit faithfully at my elbow, day in and day out?


No Mozilla? Boooo.


I love ieSpell. I used to just keep open in another window, but that was a bit of a hassle.

Bizarrely, I can only seem to write posts straight into my blog window thingy - as soon as I open up Notepad, my mind goes blank.

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