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Bring it on, Babe. I'm still linkin' ya, Umbrella? I don' need no stinkin' umbrella.....if umbrellas are required for people to read 'shit' (your word, not mine), I'd be handin' out umbrellas left and right. People would be showin' up looking like they had seats in the front row of a Gallagher show. (Sledge-o-matic?)
Besides, what are blogs for, except a place to purge yer mind? I'll never understand it when I read people saying things like "I'd like to get this out, but...not here.", in their blogs. They worry more about what a stranger may think than using the it for just that purpose. And, for quite a few of us, that was the whole reason to start a blog.
So, a few people may not 'get it' and come what? That's a good way to 'thin the herd', anyway. The ones who do get it, who do care, will be here. And, if an a-hole shows up...well, that's why God made IP banning. People seem to's THEIR blog, to do or say whatever they want or need to. If ya can't do that...what's the point?
And...ya know what else? Once you do get all the shit put down here, you can forget it. You don't have to carry it around in yer head anymore, because, if-for some insane reason-you want to revisit the shit that haunts ya, it's just a click or two away. That really can free up a lot of disc space in yer brain. And, if it fills with shit again? Purge again. Keep doing that until it starts filling up with lucidity, instead of shit. That's what I do. Anytime I start worrying about what some random person might think, I hear Jack Nicholson in my head screaming "They can't HANDLE the truth!!!" and keep on typin'. If it's really, really bad, you can always delete the post or just save it to 'draft'. As long as you get it out of your way...
When it comes to you, I have this 'battlefield' soldier-like mentality. I feel like we are both fighting a war and we keep an eye on each other and shit. Anytime either of us falls, the other is there to give a hand, help the fallen one back to their feet. It hasn't come to this yet, but I want to make sure ya know that, just like the guys in 'Nam, if you get too wounded or bogged down, I WILL carry you out on my back before I'd ever, ever leave the war without ya.
We'll make it. We will win. If we can't win-like in Nam- then, we will at least survive and not have to do it alone.
Piggy-back or fireman's carry, you ain't heavy...yer my twin. Hop on and let's get the hell outta here. Okay?
*Great big, huge ol' bearhug*

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