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I meant's late.


Rivrdog, i believe you're confusing Mozilla with Netscape.
I've been using Mozilla for well over a year (including Mozilla,Phoenix/Firebird and Foxfire) and there's NEVER been spyware.
Netscape != Mozilla.
Yanno, if you read my blog more often, you'd have known about v .8 back in January ;)
Firefox is soo much faster than previous versions. It's growing up very quickly.
I love it when new users discover the little things about Moz I've known for years :)

Glenn Slaven

I don't know about then, but there's definitely no spyware now.


I tried Mozilla a year or so ago, but when I installed it, I got a ton of spyware, which, no matter how many times I removed it, kept being reinstalled. I shitcanned it and went back to the buggy IE.

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