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James Old Guy

As Riverdog has expressed the low number of users in the MAC /LINUX word serves to defend the problem with virus and attacks. It is not worth the investment of time and effort to hack 5% of the computing community. In other words if you are going to rob a bank, don't rob a small one.
As for the post,, I have found most technical experts who don't know the answer use the MAC excuse.


My primary reason for switching after years and years of PC/Windows use was that my former husband couldn't find a way to hack my Mac.

Pixy Misa

Oh yes: Gloat gloat gloat. :)

Pixy Misa

Anyway, the appropriate answer is actually "$150 per hour, 4 hour minimum. Plus expenses." I find that works wonders.

dragonfly jenny

Point well taken Paul! And thanks for not comin down too hard on us gloaters ;)


'Nother point: MAC and Linux users comprise such a small part of the computer-using world, folks joining their ranks give up the strength of numbers. A case in point: On one of my laptops running IE6 this am appeared the cryptic message "sas proxy error, you are not authorized.....". Following standard troubleshooting, I first rebooted, no fix, then uninstalled the last software, a Canon printer suite, no fix. I went to my other laptop and it was running ok, so I Googled "sas Proxy" and got a huge thread of help, the second page of which had a specific fix. Applied fix, restored funtion of IE6. There were over 7,000 entries on the bug-fix thread. That wouldn't happen with Mac or Linux. But then, maybe the bug wouldn't have happened either.


Boy, you sure know how to take all the fun out of being a/n {insert superior Operating System slash computing platform here] Zealot. ;)

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