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dragonfly jenny

Paul - in my case, it's good-quality oil (canola or vegetable) AND that one-third to one-half stick of butter and plenty of salt that I use on every batch!!! (Fortunately I don't partake of this snack more than once a week.)

I love your comment about how years of photographing models has influenced your perceptions of female beauty. Well-said! Though I'm not a photographer, years of checking out gorgeous men has done the same for my perceptions of male attractiveness.


Jenny cooks a variaty of marvelous popcorn entrees (yes, it is sometimes dinner).She cooks nuts too, so her advice on making these marvels might be worth the asking.

Light & Dark

Mike: It's just another of those food idiosyncrasies I guess. You've certainly certainly described some I'll be happy to leave to you too. That's one of the cool things about blogging to me... broader horizons. What do you put on your popcorn, anything?

Sallie: I love your "pop and pop" expression! I hadn't thought of it that way before... I'll be using that all the time now. Where do I send the royalties?

Carrie: That was one of the movies that I stumbled on too! Great movie, particularly since I 'm quite familiar with the Algonquin Park area in which it was set. The microwave thing? I think it's the texture. the prepackaged stuff has a less pleasant texture and the taste is off. Maybe 'cause I've only ever had the cheap stuff. Plus I know they're using the nastiest tropical oils. I'm not a health freak, by any means, but I do try.

Rivrdog: I loooove Caesars but since the alcohol doesn't interst me I do them 'virgin'. And I add a big dollop of horseradish as well.

Greg: Hot hardly begins to describe it! I guess it's my years of having photographed so many models, but I'm just not strongly attracted to that 'beauty-for-beauty's sake' thing. Give me a great-looking lady with depth and substance anyday. And Diane Lane is it. I'm relieved and a little surprised to find I'm not the only one so intensely enamoured. My thing for her goes all the way back to Six Pack, so I'm in even deeper than you! And I have no problems with chick flicks, so will get Tuscan Sun toute de suite. Well, as soon as I get my DVD-playing workstation back up anyway. Thanks fer the tip!

Snowball: I'm gonna have to see if I can find the type of popcorn you're talking about. It's a prepackaged product right? Not a powder you shake on after popping? And d'oh! It's never occurred to me to put garlic into the butter, then combine it with the parmesan on the corn. Holy crap. I can see why Greg would agree that's the ultimate popcorn flavouring. I'm gonna do that with a big batch tonight, as there are a couple of good shows/movies on. Thanks!

LoIq: It did. That's why I'm trash talking microwave popcorn so badly. **thumbing nose at evil appliance in corner**

Jenny: What do you think it is about the stovetop version? I'm wondering if the choice of a good quality oil might be part of it? I use canola.

Vicki: That gizmo sounds interesting. I'll keep an eye out for it, but I have a really small kitchen, so I keep extra appliances to a minimum. It'd have to duke it out with the air popper for cupboard space.

Boy, it's really true. If ya want a post to get a bunch of comments, forget politics. Talk about food.

Vicki Smith (CalGal)

We have one of those popcorns that have a crank (like on a jack in the box). My oh my does it make good popcorn.

dragonfly jenny

I am so with you on the stovetop popcorn thing!


I thought your microwave fired you.


Oooh. Snowball nailed the "ideal popcorn": garlic butter & parmesan, together or individually, ya buddy.


I like tamari better than regular soy. Slightly different flavor. I'm also a huge fan of brewer's yeast on popcorn. I know it sounds odd, but my healthfood store carried a brand of it as snackfood, and it's absolutely fabulous. Then there's always the old high- fat standby: garlic butter & parmesan cheese on popcorn. Yum.


Diane Lane can marry me for 55 minutes and divorce me long as we get to consumate the relationship first. Badabing, Badaboom.
She is HOT.
If you haven't yet or thought to yourself, "I ain't watchin no chick-flick", rent "Under The Tuscan Sun". Dude. She's hot.
I've had a thing for her since "The Outsiders".


Microwave popcorn is ok, but only if you calibrate the particular brand to the particular microwave and cook it just long enough to not burn any kernels. One burnt kernel DOES spoil the whole bunch, baby.

Roger about the air popper. It's the best way to cook popcorn, as no fat is required in the process. As to the soy thing, I used to have this soy substitute sold in health food stores that was zero-salt but tasted salty. Can't remember the name now. Went the pharma route to control the hypertension and stopped denying myself salt.

Best thing to do with that Worcestershire sauce is to take it, a similar amount of Tabasco, two ounces of cheap vodka and four ounces of Clamato and mix over ice. Yum, Bloody Ceasar!


I caught Diane Lane in Indian Summer the other day. Great movie. Great actress. I actually think she's more beautiful than the Julias, Nicoles etc.

What's wrong with microwave popcorn???? ;-)


I can see that sauce on da-corn. May I suggest Cayenne or Parm. Cheese. Not both... just one at a time. There is nothing like a bit of pop and pop with a movie. :-)


I hate microwave popcorn, too. There's something about the smell. But soy and Worchestershire sauces? I'll take your word for it but don't expect me to try either any time soon.

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