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I'm a little late on this - Congratulations!

dragonfly jenny

Yowza! Great news for ya.
I'm still self-employed (with the resulting dicey finances), but I can understand that craving for it to be "someone else's responsibility" to have enough money to cover payroll, insurance, vacation, etc.

Marn, eh

It's great news! The spousal unit and I have both been self-employed for over 25 years so I well understand the yearning for security and paid holidays.

So glad this has come through for you.


Awesome. The world welcomes you and I to the land of the gainfully employed once again.


I like how you handled the "buddy" conversation.I would've had drinks with him that evening and ended up hunting on his lease the next weekend.

With NO pay increase.


Awesome. Following on Mike's comment, let us know when you are working full time. :D


Great news. I hope that you impress them so much that they offer you a full-time job.



Way to go, Paul!!!! I am so very happy for you!!!


So guess this means that any attempt to convince you to be my mail order husband and experience the Colorado scenery are completely wasted then, right?



I toldya!!! I knew it was for the better with the second interview and all, remember?

I'm so happy for you! This has even made me smile (a LOT) while waiting to ask you that burning question I called ya about. This feels better than THAT does horrible.

*hugs, hugs and more hugs*


Freakin Awesome! I'm really happy for you! Great news indeed.


That job sounds super!!! Good for you. The perks seem like a pay grade advance. I will be interested to hear how it goes for you.

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