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gerard van schip

wow, you are a mind reader!!! you took the words out of my head all the way from london and stuck them on your webpage!


Hey. Just dropped in to find out a bit more about you after you'd commented on one of my posts. I don't know what this rant is about, but man, I'm with you. So many times in my life, I've wanted to say the same thing to people but never had the stones to do so.

Sometimes a rant is as good as a vacation. Good on ya.



Wow! That rant blew any rant I could muster out of the water.

Will it ever be right? Not likely...
Will you be able to get even? VERY Likely.
Will you get to grin stupidlly at the morons? Eventually, Yes.

Hang in there!



"I'm tired of being around people who expect/demand that I pay attention to their concerns, but who don't give a rat's ass about mine."

I could of wrote that line myself! I empathize with how you feel. Tell these people to find a new door mat to wipe feet on.


Hot damn! Now that's a rant to be proud of!

I may just print this one out and pin it up.


Paul, I'm sending you a hug! But keep this in mind, "they" will get there's in the end! It's a certainty! Screw'em! I don't know what they did, but they did it to you, so fuck'em!!!!


Holy shit.

You need anybody to be walloped with my version of a clue stick?
That'd be that axe handle I have signed by Buford Pusser... It works like a charm. Most times ya don't even have to swing it. You just show up with it on yer shoulder, a grin on yer face and that "Oh, this is gonna be fuuuun!" gleam in yer eye and you'd be shocked at how quickly people gain IQ points and perform instantaneous self-induced cranio-rectal extractions.

As an added attraction, for as big and heavy as it is, it's also excellent for fine-tuning attitudes.

C'mon over to Xfire. I already know the perfect song for this...
Ol' Bocephus knows juuuust what's needed. (I just wish you could HEAR it, insteada just reading it...*pout*)

In the meantime...
Hugs, more hugs and a major shoulder-muscle squishin'on ya. Back of yer neck, too. Yeah... and up into your hair and around to the temples. Just let me know when you're about to slide outta the chair, onto the floor...


Squadron! Tensch-Hut! Attention to orders: All personnel will read the above post, sign the read file, and be prepared to give your supervisor or commander a briefing on these important concepts.

That is all.

Squadron! Dismissed.


Man! I am gonna frame that and hang it by my desk. Excellent rant!!


OHHHHhh! Okay...uhhhh... Me-wee-self thinks I(bold and terrific<---YOU) should cut and paste that statement and attach it to my forehead. YOU said that so well, hope "they" read it{more importantly GET-IT!}. I am sitting over in the corner watching <--don't want to be in the line of fire! *hugs*

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