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That is oh so true! I so wanna try the brake fluid and clorox now!

Madfish Willie

I build swimming pools for a living so your post was quite interesting on several levels... pools filters don't like bubble bath either... the first item on the list would only cover the 2000 sq ft house 2" deep (72" wide x 84" long x 12" deep x 7.5 gal per cubic foot of water = 315 gallons in waterbed x 3.33 = 945 sq ft @ 4" deep)... sorry, I just had to calculate that out... habit...

gerard van schip

hahahaha, that is soo funny that it becomes scary.

anyone ever had lunch packs made by a 3 yeard old in your office bag?

how about chewed winegums in your shoes?

or a kitchen covered in powder sugar, flour and normal sugar to create snow?

Vicki Smith (CalGal)

I laughed so hard I cried.


** snicker **

You forgot to mention that CD-R/RW's will absolutely not write on bologna, even though it fits.

True story -- fortunately my son was the one who predicted that not only would it not work, but that the perpetrater was headed for prison.

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