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Not trolling here, Paul, but what about the "rationing" of health care, especially in outpatient procedures, that we hear so much of down here?

An example. I am on the Tri-Care system, which is the HMO for military members, active and retired. Recently, I developed a severe intestinal infection, had to be hospitalized, got control of my body back from the nasties, and now am up for surgery to excise the damaged parts of my colon. I will probably have the surgery next week or the week after.

All this from a budget HMO. Rapid action. Would this type of action on elective surgery be available on the National Health Care System in Canada?

I am also on several life-sustaining prescriptions. I pay $9US for three month's supply of each. My co-pay is $12US/visit for outpatient services, and the annual premium for both myself and my wife is $270US.

BTW, if Kerry is elected, the (D)emocrats say that they want to extend this HMO to the entire nation. Hmmmmm. Too much of a good thing?


Canada here I come!?.... oops! I forgot I'd have to pack all my stuff and it's C-O-L-D up there. Medical Mistakes and wonderful results happen! We mortals sometimes forget that Doctors "PRACTICE" Medicine... They are NOT Gods. {even though some think they are} Interesting Post.

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