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Been there, did that last summer! The birds there are absolutely fantastic and yes, the close ups with the hawks and owls are worth every penny of the entry fee. Great pics!


Thank you, Lovey! I see where ya installed Ted's banner... terrific!

And, yes... you do photograph well. You make gorgeous photos, whether it's you IN them or taking them.

*hugs on ya*

dragonfly jenny

oh man, I LOVE owls. We've had several, of several different species, living here in this urban RV park in central Texas. Thanks for the great pics!


Beautiful pictures! But then again, all your pics are great.


Wonderful photographs Paul!!
Regal is a very fitting description, for the feathered gent, IMO. Gorgeous animal.


IT'S PIG!!! (as in Pigwidgeon) It's a Harry Potter thing! :-)


VERY cool photos! Thank you for posting them!


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