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Thought I'd drop you a line and let you know not all of us are crazy Bush supporters. Since the shithead went off the track and invaded Iraq you can bet you'll see a whole new generation of Americans migrating to your country to avoid the draft (pending).



Snow-wow!We get hardly any snow where I live and it's always so exciting when we do. I'm sure it's not like that if you get it all the time!


You can remove that TB, honey. I just HAD TO TEST IT.

And. . .I think I deserve a freakin' beer. YAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAA!!!1111ONEONEONE


I hope for you! When that hope is done up-thar, send it back south. USs need BIG Hopes.... It is getting rough down here. Me-thinks it is going to be some looong days before our winter sets in. So glad to see these posts!

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