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I've been usin' FireFox, and Thunderbird for a while now, and I don't have any problems with either. I particularly like the multiple 'tabs' function of FireFox, and I like the newsreader piece of Thunderbird. It lacks a certain 'pizazz' but it's functional, and I find it useful for checkin' multiple email accounts.

My .02 worth.


Rivrdog: I don't really understand the first problem you posted, but I agree with you about Thunderbird.

Overall, I like Firefox. It's fast and it doesn't let all the crapware be downloaded to my machine like IE did. It's nice to do a spyware scan and not find anything but cookies. It's heaven to not have pop-ups and pop-unders all over. Everything looks so much cooler in it. Think I'lls tick with it. ;-)


Not so fast, Paul. I've been browsing with Firefox for about 3 weeks now, and I've noticed changes for the worse.

Example: when blogging in Typepad, only the first of the two post screens can be used normally. WhizzyWig script prevents right-click functions in the continuation screen. IE6 doesn't have this limitation. Typepad thanked me for my observation, and politely told me that nothing was being done to change the wysiwyg script.

The Thunderbird email client is much more cumbersome than Outlook. Example: moving mail around. One has to right and left click through 5 different menus to move most messages to personal folders, where Outlook is a one-click operation.

Might be more secure, these Mozilla suites, but they are more of a PITA to use. And I can't forget how Mozilla got started, as an outgrowth of the notorious KAZAA. I always wonder when they will revert to their old ways....


You should sign up as an affiliate over at Spread Firefox and put one of the buttons/banners up.
Sad thing, some people WILL pay for and/or upgrade to XP to get the browser :(

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