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Thongs are so unhygienic.


I love red hair too, but don't like seeing cracks. The rule around our school is--no butts, boobs or bellies. (hard to enforce, but we try!)You would have no fun.


MY! I suppose if my body looked that good I'd. . .nah. I still don't think I could. But she's awfully cute. LOL!


That looks whorish. And really, why would anyone want anything stuck in the crack of their butt all day?

Light & Dark

You're absolutely right, Rivrdog. That's why I posted it, 'cause I sure ain't gonna be able to enjoy a view like that through her snowsuit and longjohns!

This way, I'll have this pic to look back on in the darkest heart of a mountain winter, to remind me that skin, I mean spring will come again.


If this is what you can-NUDE-ians think about when the snow flies, y'all better hope it's a short winter.


I never could stand to wear thongs, though. I've spent my whole life trying to keep my underwear out of there, and the conditioning is just too strong.

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