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Well here's hoping they'll both get caught soon.. though I personally hope the kiddie porn creep gets the much stiffer sentence.


Kind of fucked up.


Merry Christmas to you and yours Paul.

Light & Dark

Cap'n Rivrdog:

I'd have to go back and check the story, but I'm pretty certain the tape of the computer screen wasn't used to convict him, but to generate the search warrant for the computer. (Although, as you say, the images on the tape could easily have been faked, making issuance of the warrant a bit 'iffy'.)

I had the same reaction you did - probably someone who knew what the guy was doing and used the 'burglary' as a cover for getting the cops involved.

And yea, burglary is never a good thing, even if it does result in a kiddie-pornster getting canned. We've got a serious shitstorm going on up here at the moment over an idiot reporter who implied a trio of bank robbers were nice-guy bandit Robin Hoods because they robbed a bank that he felt charged exorbitant fees.

These clowns had, in fact, tied up and threatened the lives of 6 staff/patrons (including a 3 year-old) with handguns. The reporter/idiot treated it like it was a jolly lark.

So please don't take my "Classic" comment as making light of the burglary. I was just referring to the karma of having your home robbed, but ending up in jail yourself.



The Crown put on a weak case, at least by US standards. I'm surprised the accused made the deal with the Crown's prosecutor.

In court, if a photograph or film is used as evidence, it's authenticity must be attested to by bringing forward the person who operated the camera. Failure to do that invokes the Best Evidence Rule, which means that the judge must advise the jury that the photographic evidence is of low quality and may be disregarded if better evidence (which could even be hearsay) is introduced to support the accused.

I'm surprised that the defendant did not introduce computer experts who could have testified that anyone may make anything appear on a computer monitor at any time.

In all, a weak case.

And, a burglar is still a burglar, a thief who has violated your space. A burglar is NEVER a hero.

The media offer little background from the police files on this case, but I'd say that the odds are even that it was someone known to the burglary victim getting even with him.

Kiddy porn is a disgusting abberation in our society, and those found with it deserved to be severely sanctioned, primarily because it ruins young lives so surely.

But then, so do the politicians of the Left, and we lionize them and keep re-electing them, don't we?


Whoa Nellie. I almost didn't stop by. Glad to see you finally got home from your reunion. Can't wait to hear about your jazz gig. I love big band music.


Um... wow! LOL. Well, I'm glad they got the guy with the kiddie prOn... a burglar with morals - who knew. *grin*


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Lisa W.

I thought that was a great story, we heard about it the other day. At least the burglar had SOME shred of morality.

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