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I tried them, but found that they take a bit too much concentration to use while driving.

They are marvelous during power failures. They are excellent when you want something to fall asleep by, but since I can semi speed-read (and have been able to since my brainy Sis taught me to read at age 3), I can actually read a print book about twice as fast as someone can read it to me.

Also, a pet peeve about talking books: why does every narrator who reads them to us have to think he has to sound like Orson Welles? Instead of a basso profundo voice, how about a tenor? And how about some real tonal inflections in the voice, not just a monotone designed to make the words the most understandable.

Studies have shown that if your ears receive a few missing or garbled words in a voiced passage, your brain will fill in the correct word almost all the time (mental "autocomplete"?), so the calculated monotone is un-necessary.

It IS good to have your references so as NOT to have to use the clunky lending library system for the times I do want to listen to the books.

Light & Dark

Mike, I should have thought of the library! I'll have to check out (nyuck,nyuck) what ours has available.

Thanks for the suggestion.



Welcome back!

I listen to audio books whenever I know a drive will take 30 minutes or more. They are a godsend on long trips, even when I'm flying. Our public library has thousands of fiction and non-fiction books on tape and CD. (Taped books are no longer being sold so all of the new titles are on CD.)

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