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Light & Dark

@Mad William: Maybe me coming back is just in time to make up for your being - shall we say - otherwise engaged and not blogging much your ownself?

@Chickie: Thanks for dusting the cobwebs off the old feed. Good to have you here.

@Rivrdog: And good to be back. As for the Autocomplete question - it's a really good one and one that frustrates a lot of users. I'm gonna do up a quick post about it so the answer doesn't get buried down here.



Welcome back, Master! I'm glad you've ended your hiatus.

Question for you. Is it possible to edit AutoComplete? For some reason, when autocomplete pops up when I'm filling in the ID info on your blog comment form or most others, I now have a chain of 20 or so entries I must sort thru to find my own URL, and several each for the Name and Email addy entries.

I think I can get autocomplete to dump by using Crap Cleaner on it, but rather than dump it all, can I edit out the undesireable entries some way?

Where can a good reference on the workings of autocomplete be found?


Yay! You posted! Glad to read you're coming back.

Mad William Flint


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