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I need help. My company is being blocked by the likes of IronMail and so forth because we've been spoofed. Only thing is we are NOT receiving bounced messages. Our ip is listed in the header and are therefore being blocked altogether even though we have NO RECORD WHATSOEVER of having sent the emails. I NEED HELP HERE!! because whomever is doing this is not stopping.


In Cpanel, ADD an email account
name it the same as your default email account.

Example: default account is named username
New account will be named

Set the default account to :FAIL:, don't use blackhole.

When checking your newemail account, you need to use the entire email address as the username.

Only email addressed to will be delivered.

If you don't create and use the new email with it's new login ALL your email will fail to appear in your email reader i.e. Outlook


Thanks for this informative article and how to combat the spammers. I had received a few bounced spam emails in the past, but today I received about 50 in the span of five minutes and was getting a bit afraid my domain was hijacked or would be blacklisted. Thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing this, it has eased my inbox fear dramatically! And there was me blamiing Facebook :-)


Oh.. now I got some idea on why some mails come to my inbox although I am not the intended recipient. When looked at the 'To' address it was some typo or misspelled mail ID. I was wondering before on how it is happening... (But Yahoo mail could identify this by default and sends it to Bulk folder directly) Thanks for giving some info on this.

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