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Light & Dark

@Yomama - I clobbered this poor deer on the TransCanada Highway just outside Calgary, Alberta.


Dude that's some really Bad wreckage!!!!!!!!!! Where did you hit the animal?!


I was going to offer up venison recipes, but I guess you won't need them.

Most game wardens or even the regular police know exactly which charities are equipped to handle butchering in the middle of the night.

Glad you are okay . . .


Holy shmokes! Dude, I know you & me, we don't hardly know each other, but, gaaaah, I am so glad you're OK. When I was in Texas last month, we came within a hair of hitting some deer. Scary shizz, right there.


The Bug has a modern sunroof, so, with the notoriously bad horn, you'd be advised to keep your trombone uncased INSIDE the car to sound a proper BLAT! (don't tell me that concert quality trombonists can't BLAT!). It also has a $1,500 sound system in it so you can listen to recordings of your music on the way to and from gigs.

If the band falls apart as some are wont to do, you could always form a new one and call it Yellow Bug, and you'd already have the signature car...

BTW, here in the Lower 48, most major charity food kitchens are equipped to do just what you wanted. A simple phone call to the game warden will usually gain the permission to do so. The Oregon State Police used to actually provide that service gratis, but had to stop doing it as an economy measure.

Light & Dark

Thanks everybody. It was quite a scare and I was really lucky the deer didn't come up through the windshield, as so often happens in these types of accidents.

Wendy! Terrific to hear from you. Hope you can find time get a few posts up - would love to hear what you're up to.

Rivrdog: I was fortunate the deer was killed on impact. I went back to check on it, but didn't have anything with which to put it down if it had survived. Guess I would have had to try to deliver a coup-de-grace with my tire iron.

I wish there was some way to get fresh kills like this dressed & supplied to the local food bank or something - such a waste.

Boy, I'd love to zoom around in your Bug! Not sure the trombone would even fit in the trunk though? :)



When is the venison BBQ?

I have a spare '68 VeeDub that will do 135k on the flat...goes well in the snow, also and will never freeze in the winter (you might). Prolly gets almost as good mileage as your Corolla, but with shaved heads, uses Premium fuel.

Pics on request.


Paul, welcome back - I've had the same difficulty with posting regularly so maybe you will inspire me to do more of that as well.


I'm SO glad you're ok. This is just awful. You don't deserve this string of bad luck. :(

Let's get back on the horse, baby!


Holy crap Paul! I'm so glad you're okay, that must've been quite the scare. Hope the car shopping isn't too rough.


Good gravy! Glad you are ok Paul. Geesh!

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