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save him. We are only on this earth for a short time....... Pulitzer Prizes are for sissies anyway


I would use a digital SLR, of course, so I could have color and b&w. Gleeful Bunnies of Doom could be added later with the help of Photoshop.


Ha -- this test is a true sign of the times -- last time I got it it was 'starring' Jesse Jackson in the title role instead of Dubya, and the first time was so long ago that I can't remember who the villain du jour was ...


Real photographers would shoot a Speed Graflex with Plus-X Pan.

A wannabe might shoot a medium-format twin-lens reflex, but would still shoot Plus-X Pan, Tri-X Pan is too grainy.

Only a European would try to capture that shot with a 35mm Contax or such, but still would use Plus-X Pan.

Oh! Excuse me, I thought it was still 1950, when I first learned about photography.


I'd take the fox and the grain across the river in the first trip, then bring the...

Oops, wait, I think I'm in the wrong flood.


I have no answer....
I'm just glad you're alive. I was beginning to wonder...

Light & Dark

Ahhh, a pragmatist!



I'd go with colour; you can always switch it over to B&W later...

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