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Thanks, too, for the tips.

Light & Dark

@Chris, I'm with you on the frustration of all the toolbar crap the Open Source software offers up, but like you, I consider it the "price" for the project. Unfortunately, too many less-experienced users don't realise it truly is optional and should be declined.

So folks, whenever you're installing software, always be on the lookout for these opt-in checkboxes offering more "stuff" Unless you're sure you know what it is and have a use for it, decline it.

@Marn, glad you found it useful. I know I have.

Marn, eh

Paul, thanks so much for that! I was shocked to see that my java was 1.something, many generations below the update.

Thanks, too, for the tips about the door. I'll mention them to my spousal unit on the weekend.

Welcome back. It's great to see you posting again :)

Chris K

Not just the Yahoo! toolbar. I also got offered the MSN toolbar too.

I hate that junk. I understand the economic reasons behind it, but I always cry a little when I see someone's browser with 7 different toolbars... "Oh, trying some 'free' open source software lately?" *sigh*

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