> Acrobats


These photographs were made during a performance by a Chinese Acrobatic Theatre troupe. The stunts and skills were breathtaking; some were beyond my ability to comprehend.

I love shooting stage performances for their technical challenges, especially in metering. Best bet is to spot meter off the subjects' skin, and overexpose approx. one and a half stops (since meters are calibrated for 18% grey-Zone 5- and skin should be about Zone 7 or so. I expose 1/2 stop less so stage highlights don't burn out.)

Shot on Nikon D1 at 1600 ISO with an 80-200 f2.8 These photos thoroughly debunk the (untested) assertion of a former colleague who claimed Nikon's digitals couldn't be used for stage photography as they didn't work well enough under tungsten light. And note, this is the D1, not the D1H which performs even better at high ISO's.